These strange times

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When this website was launched, little did we know that within a few short weeks, the world would be a changed place. Perhaps the Earth has finally despaired of our lack of regard for her and our depletion of her resources, and is telling us to stop and take stock of what the really important aspects of life are ; health, human contact, friends and family, sufficient food for all and freedom to roam where we will with respect for nature.

The weeks and months ahead will throw up new challenges for all, not least for those of you who are working with very vulnerable clients and their families. Our professional associations are giving advice for best practice if you feel you need to continue seeing clients and we urge you to take note of this. Collectively, our decisions must be made with due regard to government and World Health Organisation advice and in the best interest of clients, ourselves and the wider community.

More than ever we need outdoor spaces to breathe fresh air, to lift our faces to the sun and feel the wind in our hair; to hear the breeze in the trees, the waves on the shore and the birds welcoming the change of the season. Although we may find ourselves deprived of our favourite places and spaces in the weeks to come they will still be there to nurture and sustain us when this is all over and we will appreciate them all the more for not having been able to access them freely.

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We will all meet the challenges to come and when the world has returned to some sort of relative order, we can gather around the campfire again to reflect on what has passed and what we need to learn from it. For now, hold each other in mind, use your wisdom and experience to decide a path forward, bearing in mind what has been said above, stay in touch with those in your life who can support you and who need your support but above all keep yourselves safe.

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